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Void in the SKY


Are you looking for a anime style game where you can perform dance moves while you do skydiving and then you fight a (somehow cute) demon dragon all wrapped in pixel graphics? well, don't look further because we got you covered!

Void in the Sky is an arcade game that delivers not only engaging game mechanics but also provides you with an story that you get to discover as you progress and that helps tie everything together.

  • Perform dance moves indefinitely while you are skydiving!

  • Learn new dance moves and obtain different benefits.

  • Defeat enemies and destroy obstacles to progress in the game.

  • Defeat a dragon and unveil the mysteries of the void.

  • If you have heard of our project "Soul Update" you can find a little treat inside the game ;)

Amazing people that made this game possible

Rob Neubauer

Music and Sound Design

Kunyang Ji

Key Visual for marketing

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